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Scandinavian Interior Design Exhibition

Promoting the 50th Annual Scandinavian Interior Design Exhibition.
A ficticious introduction sequence, and exhibition, intended to celebrate the history
and modern influence of Scandinavian Design.

Design Challenge

The challenge of this project was to create a 20-second introduction sequence for a real or fictional film festival, exhibition, or social.

Finding ways to convey tone, purpose, and meaning, whilst restricting ourselves to the primary use of typography elements, composition, and time.

Concepting & Ideation

There is a YouTube channel run by Kirsten Dirksen that fuels my growing interest for architecture and interior design. Presented the design challenge, I jumped at this opportunity to create a project celebrating the influences of modern scandinavian design.

Visual Reference

The harsh, unforgiving climate in Scandinavia reveal themselves as major influences to the modern design movement and interior decor. It was quite interesting having discovered the subtle variations in design style based on how each country philosophy, and the sources from which they drew inspiration.


With simplicity, and functionalism, reminiscent of Swedish Design Principles. Union Sans Bold was selected for this project because of its proportions, and sturdy appearance.

Colour Palette

With colour palettes, I discovered that Scandinavian homes will utilize direct sunlight to bring life into their living spaces. This meant selecting a more neutral colour palette, and using similar tones. Vibrant colours are used sparingly to add detail and visual interest.

Patterns & Form Making

Another area of interest I wanted to incorporate with the visual identity of this exhibition was the use of textures and patterns that mimic the materials produced in furniture and textile design. These principles were more noticeable throughout Norwegian Design.


I decided to take a systematic approach when solving this puzzle. Once I established the typography, the challenge became envisioning how the other visual elements would work cohesively around the center of focus.


The animation style was influenced by the high tempo soundtrack. Editing to the music presented its own set of unique challenges. In the end, the sequence features many quick, and punchy animations to match the tone of the event.


Overall, I thought this project was successful in allowing me to further develop my sense of visuals, and style through expressive typography. I was able to achieve some very smooth and organic motions that brought another level of detail to design.

One thing that needs work over-all would be the readability of the typography. Some frames were not held long enough for users to read comfortably. Ultimately, finding the balance between creating an effect and making it readable.