Zilin Deng
I'm a design student at York/Sheridan Program in Design.
Passionate about creating awesome products and experiences!
Finding opportunities to inspire, educate, and delight.
Some of my hobbies include...
Curating Playlists, Marathon Running, Bouldering
Actively seeking new opportunities!
Interested in working together? Let's grab coffee!
Thanks for visiting my website! ✌

Hello! 👋 I'm Zilin.
Designer & Developer from Toronto.

Previously on the Product Team at Format,
designing tools that help creatives exhibit, market, and sell their work.

Case Studies
Queen Elizabeth Park
Modernizing an outdated
community centre experience.
Redefining the restaurant
experience with augmented reality.
Ezra Mono
Designing a colorblind accessible typeface
for the programming environment.
Helping small businesses better
manage inventory with smart technology.
Streamlining the
portfolio building experience.
Other Projects
Celebrating the history and modern influence of Scandinavian Design.
Galunite — Explore Hyperspace
The next generation of space pioneers.
The Big Picture
Using computer vision to explore self-identity.